App Overview and why I have created it?

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Ok, so why?

Well I’m software engineer by trade, so this is how we solve problems… 😉 But on more serious note, I needed several specific things:

  • Quickly preview photos in SDCard. Standart Finder & Preview combo is just too slow
  • Don’t import JPEGs. I do shoot in RAW/JPEG mode, but use JPEGS only for quickly importing into the phone (and then share on social media)
  • Grouping. I needed for photos to be smartly grouped (more on that later)
  • Custom path. When importing photos I don’t care about any kind of cloud offering. We have NAS at home, my goal is to create subfolders and upload directly to NAS.

More on Grouping

So it all started with my wife’s Photography business. She focuses on small clients (1-3hours of photo). Sometimes there are several clients in the same day, and she usually use single SDCard.

Problem: I need to manually identify which client is which, create proper directories and copy correct photos. It’s a bit tedious job. One of the primary motivators for creating this tool, was automating this part.

The idea which worked for my case, was grouping photos by the time they were created (shooting time). If time is close to any of the photos in the group (default is 30min), then include. If not - create new group and recruit photos with same strategy